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♥ dame julie


Julie Andrews
Surrey, England
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dame_julie (a julie andrews community)
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Welcome to dame_julie, a community dedicated to the wonderful and talented Dame Julie Andrews. You can find all things related to Julie here.

Feel free to join us and discuss everything that has to do with this awesome lady! Enjoy your stay. :)

We ask you not to use the icons members post as your own without credit or pictures that we post. Thank you. Also please no negative talk with other members and only love for Julie.

Also make sure to read the rules before posting.

If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks please let us (lindi_madde  and nicolesgrace  )know.

Some small rules to follow:
  1. If you post any pictures, interviews, quiz, or bigger files, please put them under a lj-cut.
  2. Respect each others opinions. Be friends.
  3. Please try to make posts Julie-related
  4. And the most important thing: have fun!